Customized Shooting Plan

Shooting Classes

Basketball players were not born shooters, they became ones after thousands of repetitions every day.

want to be labeled a shooter?

If you’re looking to enhance your shooting abilities, look no further than our meticulously crafted shooting classes. Designed to cater to your specific needs, our classes offer the essential tools and guidance to transform you into a proficient shooter.

Through a combination of time-tested teaching techniques and targeted drills, our classes deliver comprehensive instructions and ample repetitions to help you master your shot. Whether it’s shooting off the catch, on the dribble, utilizing screens, or even perfecting those classic free throws, our classes cover all aspects of shooting.

Each class spans a duration of 60 minutes, ensuring focused and impactful sessions. To guarantee optimal learning conditions and maximize individual attention, we maintain limited class sizes, providing you with the best possible instruction and abundant opportunities for high reps.

Take your shooting prowess to new heights with our unrivaled classes. Join us today and witness the remarkable improvement in your shooting skills.


All new Bridge trainees are required to complete a FREE shooting evaluation prior to enrolling into any class. 

This class is two days a week. 

Our class days & times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10am-9pm. You choose your days and times. 

This is 2 on 1 shooting with Coach Tony.

No. All Bridge Basketball Academy classes must be scheduled in advance. This includes FREE player evaluation. 

Yes. Parents/guardians may accompany each child during their player development class.