Bridge Basketball Academy

Hoops & Holidays Basketball Camp

The joy of the season meets the excitement of the game! ūüŹÄ‚ú®

Dribbling Dynamo: Learn the art of ball control, quick crossovers, and effective change of direction. Our dribbling drills will empower you to navigate the court with confidence, leaving defenders in your wake.

Sharpshooter Academy: Develop proper shooting form. Whether you’re perfecting your three-pointer or mastering mid-range jumpers, our shooting drills and techniques will turn you into a scoring machine.

Footwork Fusion: The foundation of a great player begins with impeccable footwork. Our camp dedicates time to refining your footwork skills, ensuring you can pivot, cut, and juke with precision, both on offense and defense.

Defensive Dynamo: Lockdown defense is the mark of a true player. Discover the strategies and techniques to shut down opponents, disrupt passing lanes, and become a defensive force to be reckoned with.

Passing Perfection: Elevate your court awareness and passing accuracy. From crisp chest passes to flashy no-look dishes, our passing drills will transform you into a playmaking maestro, enhancing your ability to contribute to team success.

*Every camper must wear their Bridge uniform. If you do not have one you must purchase one to participate. 

Still Have Questions about the camp? Check out our FAQ!

The camp starts April 7th 

Early drop-off will be at the gym at 8;30. 

Yes. A fee of $6.00 will be added for lunch if you choose that option. 

The camp will end at 2pm daily.