Tony Hobbs College coaches are looking to give away scholarships every year, not for that special player but the right player that fits into their program. I talk with college coaches on a daily basics about players potential and what they would look like playing in their system. There are some recruiting service companies that do an excellent job helping you find...[ read more ]

Tony Hobbs research paper topics on religion For Every Hour of Competition, Spend Five Hours Training 2 Games a week = 10 hours of training Games are fun. Tournaments are exciting. Contests are thrilling. They also slow down skill development, for four reasons: The presence of other people diminishes an appetite for risk, nudging you away from gaining any confidence from the fear of making mistakes. Games...[ read more ]

Tony Hobbs

follow url BBA Trainee Of The Week Kennedi Burns We are super proud of this Bridge trainee! Kennedi Burns is a shooting guard for Mansfield Lakeridge High School basketball team. She trains with BBA three times a week working on her shooting, ball control and foot speed and being more explosive off the dribble. The last few […]

Tony Hobbs

It's now the summer and it may seem like there is plenty of time to work on your game before next school season, and there will always be time tomorrow. However, this is only an illusion, and before you know it the season will hold you accountable for what you spent your time doing this summer. The season will not wait...[ read more ]

Tony Hobbs purchase book reviews SUMMER 17 is finally here... We had our first "LIVE" period this past weekend and it was definitely some BIG TIME college coaches in the gyms around the country. I had a chance to visit some the Adidas Gauntlet in Dallas, Texas, and I saw it was only a few players that knew how to score without the ball. Don't mess your summer...[ read more ]