click here To register, complete the following two pages and turn both pages in with your payment or simply turn in to a Bridge Basketball representative. Payment accepted: Cash / Check or Credit Card go to link (Please fill out) *** At least 1/2 of payment Is due by 1st class and remainder will require a Payment Plan and Pre-Payment Authorization Form.



  • Please make sure this is a valid email address that you check regularly. If there is no active email address for parent or athlete, write N/A.
  • By providing your mobile number, you agree to allow BBA to send a text message if there are any last-minute changes to your schedule training session.

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    enter site I, the parent/guardian of the individual, a minor (the “Athlete”), do hereby permit the Athlete to participate at a Bridge Basketball Academytraining series and certify that the Athlete’s physical condition is sufficient for full participation. I understand that the Athlete’s participation involves an element of risk and a danger of accidents. Knowing those risks, I hereby assume those risks and I hereby release and discharge Bridge Basketball Academy from any and all liability resulting from the Athlete’s participation in any aspect of Bridge Basketball Academy. I understand it is my responsibility to inform Bridge Basketball Academy personnel of any medical conditions or any other special needs the Athlete might have and will notify the appropriate individuals of any health issues that might in any way affect the Athlete’s active or passive participation in Bridge Basketball Academy. I hereby assume responsibility for any and all costs associated with treatment of the Athlete for any injury or health issue that arises during the Athlete’s participation in Bridge Basketball Academy

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