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By Appointment

Vertimax Speed & Vertical Jump

Vertimax curriculum consists of two parts. First, defense such as staying in front of offensive player, forcing offensive player to change direction, deny and help defense, getting around and fighting through screens and switching on defense. Second, offense such as attacking the defender, transition from defense to fast break, attacking the basket on the dribble drive & kick, beating your defender with a quick first step and quick feet to avoid the double team. CLASS EXPIRE AFTER 30 DAYS

  • Class Days: Sun, Mon or Wed
  • Class Times: 6pm or 7pm
  • Registration Cost: $25.00
  • Uniform Cost: $25.00

By Appointment

The Perfect Jumper

follow site The Perfect Jumper curriculum consists of two parts. First, we concentrate on your lower body. Such as setting your feet shoulder width apart, one motion on your shot, lining your fingertips on the ball long cross seams, getting your body square when shooting, stepping with the correct footwork etc. Second, we concentrate on the upper body. Such as identify target (front of the rim or backboard) for shot, shooting elbow 45 degrees, staying in shooters box, releasing the ball at the apex, quick release of the ball, proper shot rotation, keeping your guide hand up on the follow through.

  • Class Days: Sunday’s
  • By Appointment Only
  • Registration Cost: $25.00
  • Uniform Cost: $25.00

By Appointment


follow 3 Levels of Ball Control curriculum consists of three parts. First, we concentrate on your stationary dribbling. Such as feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, eyes up, staying low, power dribbling in place, four dribbling boxes, keeping ball in dribbling box, etc. Second, we concentrate running while dribbling. Such as dribbling ball below knees, dribble with one hand length of the court then dribble with other hand, dribbling switching from one hand to the other hand, push dribble in open court with no defender etc.. Third, we concentrate on change of direction. Such as crossover dribble, stop and go, reverse spin, body fakes, fallback’s, C.O.D’s, in & out dribble combinations. CLASSES EXPIRE AFTER 30 DAYS

  • Class Days: Thursday & Sunday’s
  • By Appointment
  • Registration Cost: $25.00
  • Uniform Cost: $25.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Bridge Basketball Skills Academy different from other player development companies?

enter site Bridge Basketball Skills Academy specialize in shooting and increasing your vertical jump only. We don't teach ball control we give that away. Our philosophy you teach yourself ball handling by keeping the ball in your hand at all times.

Q: How does our high-tech equipment help trainees?

The advanced technology and equipment we use at Bridge Basketball Skills Academy allows us to instantly measure a trainee's shooting and speed & vertical. Once we do gather the data needed, we can quickly tailor a program to help them see significant improvement in their shooting or vertical in a short period. Plus, we can generate a number of reports that validate what we see on the court and reinforce our training curriculum.

what is persuasive essay Q: How are the classes formatted at Bridge Basketball Skills Academy? Shooting classes are one on one and Vertimax classes are 2 trainees to a board.

Q: How does the free shooting evaluation work?

We evaluate all players on our core principles: proper form, footwork, shooting release, shooting arch, technique, and basketball IQ.

Q: Do all trainees have to wear a uniform?

Yes. All trainees are required to wear a uniform because everyone is working toward the same goal, and we're all on the same team. The trainees push each other so each individual can maximize his potential