Bridge Team :

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Training Skills
  • Ball Control 100 %
  • Shot Mechanics 100 %
  • Quickness & Agility 100 %
  • Body Balance Control 100 %
  • Game Intelligence 100 %
  • Defensive Movement 100 %
  • Vertimax 100 %

Meet Other Trainers

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The focus of the class will be foot speed, power, agility, vertical jump&quickness.
    Cynthia graduated high school from FW PL Dunbar and graduated college with a BA in Sports Management from Western Michigan University. I started playing basketball at a very young age. And have been training basketball for 27 yrs. I enjoy working with kids from all walks of life and it's give me joy when I see that the student-athletes reach a level of excellence on and off the court. Giving back to the community is a must for me. I enjoy educating and showing the youth something different, and giving them a sense of pride, and the knowledge to be better than their surrounding. I have coached HS, collegiate and Pro. Over the years coaching I have won 3 state titles, Coach of the year private schools, Chick-Fila WUBA Coach of the year, Euro Basketball Western Conference Championship Title.
    The focus of the class will be Footwork, such as speed power, agility & quickness.