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source url Step 1: Shooting  follow url Evaluation 

The best way for us to improve your shooting, you need your shot evaluated. Bridge has develop a unique shooting curriculum that helps our trainees improve their shooting at a much faster rate. During your evaluation, a Bridge instructor will walk you through our teaching philosophy along with giving constructive corrections. We only do five shooting  Do My Assignment Au evaluations per week. The spots go quickly, so sign up now.

source site Step 2: Post Evaluation Follow Up

A post evaluation phone call is the second step. After completing your evaluation, a Bridge instructor will contact the potenial trainee & parent to discuss the shooting evaluation in full detail. After discussing the evaluation, we will determine whether the potential trainee would benefit working with Bridge on their jump shot.

Paper Writing Services Online Step 3: Set Goals & Schedule Classes

This is where the fun starts, this is where shooting goals are created. First, we start by setting the trainee’s shooting goals, identify shooting strength and weakness, development training schedule the trainee can do at home & set a realistic timeline for improvement. YOUR PLAYER DEVELOPMENT STARTS NOW!

Class Trainer

Bridge Team

Trainees will learn from different instructor that will focus on different areas of their player...


Class Information

Time: 30 Minutes Eval Time
Training Days: Must be evaluated
Class Time: 1 Hour
Class Days:: Sunday's
Class Expire After : 30 Days