Class details Step 1: Player Assessment The best way to begin your experience with Bridge Basketball Skills Academy is to have your child/player assessed. Bridge has a unique philosophy and design that helps the trainee improve much faster than attending a camp or clinic. We use a ¬†proven system of drills and assessments that help the trainee focus on individual improvement, ultimately allowing the trainee to help make the team better. During your player’s free assessment, a Bridge coach will walk you through our teaching philosophy. We only do eight player assessments per week. The spots go quickly, so sign up fast.

Step 2: Pick A Class

How To Write An Introduction For A Paper Finding the class that best fits your needs is the second step in joining Bridge Basketball Skills Academy. Each trainee must attend a minimum of go four (4) 60-minute classes for our Bridge coaches to provide the most comprehensive ¬†evaluation. After completing the four classes, a Bridge coach will call trainee’s parents and deliver the trainee’s player assessment. Then we’ll consult with the trainee’s parents and determine whether the player would benefit from working with Bridge.

Step 3: Set Goals & Schedule Classes

This is where the fun starts. This is where goals are created and the energy from getting better flows through the trainee’s veins. First, we start by setting the trainee’s goals, identify your dream schools, create a player development schedule the trainee can do at home & set a realistic timeline for improvement. YOUR PLAYER DEVELOPMENT STARTS NOW!

Class Trainer

Bridge Team

Trainees will learn from different instructor that will focus on different areas of their player...


Class Information

Time: 30 Minutes Eval Time
Training Days: Must Be Evaluated
Class Time: 1 Hour
Class Days:: Must Be Evaluated
Class Expire After : 30 Days