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Best Cv Writing Service Reviews Uk go to link TEACHING STYLE: During you’re training classes we not only provide direction, but we explain the logic behind our player development style. It’s important for the trainee to know exactly what we’re teaching and why we’re teaching it, so we can get a complete buy-in it’s the fastest way for improvement. Our purpose is to help our trainees achieve their goals. One of the reasons our program has been so successful is because when you’re here, we focus entirely on making sure the trainees have an efficient, focused training session every time they walk into the gym at Bridge Basketball Skills Academy.

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get link TRACKING RESULTS: Every four (4) weeks, we track our trainees’ development to ensure they’re on track to reach their goals. We make the trainees accountable for doing their work away from the gym by keeping a journal tracking their development. It’s not just about the time spent at Bridge Basketball Skills Academy, it’s the time spent on your own working to improve your skills combined with the specialized training at Bridge Basketball Skills Academy that leads to rapid development. Each week we give our trainees training assignments, a pop quiz and take home test. Successful player-development is what we do.


Class Trainer

Larry Carter

The focus of the class with be the Three Levels of Ball Control.

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Class Information

Time: 1 Month
Training Days: Monday and Wednesday
Class Time: 6pm and 7pm
Class Days:: 2 Days a Week
Class Expire After : 30 Days