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Shooting Gun curriculum consists of two parts. First, we concentrate on your lower body. Such as setting your feet shoulder width apart, one motion on your shot, lining your fingertips on the ball long cross seams, getting your body square when shooting, stepping with the correct footwork etc. Second, we concentrate on the upper body. Such as identify target (front of the rim or backboard) for shot, shooting elbow 45 degrees, staying in shooters box, releasing the ball at the apex, quick release of the ball, proper shot rotation, keeping your guide hand up on the follow through.

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During your training class trainees will partner up with 3 to 4 other trainees with the same skill set while shooting on the gun. They will go through a series of game situation shots that will increase there shooting percentage also build their confidence to take more shots during the game. The quality of the shots are the secret ingredient to building a shooter such as: catch and shoot, catch and curl one dribble pull up, on the move change of direction etc.. As a shooter to perfect you’re shooting mechanics you need thousands of muscle memory shots in your training bank, and Bridge can help with that. Our goal is to put you on a monthly shooting plan that will impress anyone when you tell how many shots you put up during a year.

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Tracking result- every 4-weeks we measure your results to show you your progress relative to your goals. Also Accountability, and perhaps most importantly, we help you stay accountable and consistent. In order to bring about real change, we’ve found that our trainees benefit most when had accountable by tracking their player development weekly. Each week you will be given a homework training assignment, pop quiz and take home test. Successful Player Development is our business. START YOUR PLAYER DEVELOPMENT TODAY!

Class Information

Time: 1 month
Training Days: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Class Time: 6pm or 7pm
Class Days:: 2 Days a Week
Class Expire After : 30 Days