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Common Height Of NBA Point Guards And Shooting Guards

May 22, 2017

Does Height Really Matter When Playing Basketball?

Size is a subject of much scrutiny in basketball. Either you have height or you don’t or could be you have too much of. The worst thing that can happen to you is being labeled as small, overweight or tall & goofy, it’s hard to get rid of that tag.

Having a good size is important when looking to earn a college scholarship but it shouldn’t be an area of focus. The way you play will dictate where you will play, I’m 6’4 and weighted 180, but if you were in the lane on my way up “watch your head” six feet or seven foot didn’t make a different and it shouldn’t. The game is played below the rim not above it, so get a jumper along with some handles and you will be all right.

Let’s take a look at the common height and weight of NBA players in the point guard and shooting guard position to give you a clear perspective since most players fall between these height & weight classes.

Point Guards

Average Height: 6’0.9″
Most Common Height: 6’3.5″
Shortest: 5’9″
Tallest: 6’5″

Average Weight: 189 lbs
Most Common Weight Range: 180-185lbs
Lightest: 161lbs
Heaviest: 209

Average Height: 6’2.25″
Most Common Height: 6’3″
Shortest: 5’9″
Tallest: 6’7″

Average Weight: 191lbs
Most Common Weight Range: 175-180lbs
Lightest: 172lbs
Heaviest: 215

Shooting Guards

Average Height: 6’4.4″
Most Common Height: 6’5.9″
Shortest: 6’2″
Tallest: 6’8″

Average Weight: 209lbs
Most Common Weight Range: 210-215lbs
Lightest: 185lbs
Heaviest: 240lbs

Average Height: 6’4.5″
Most Common Height: 6’4″
Shortest: 6’1″
Tallest: 6’8″

Average Weight: 203 lbs
Most Common Weight Range: 200-205lbs
Lightest: 180lbs
Heaviest: 227lbs
Hope this helps with your mental part of the game so that you can get to work and care less about HEIGHT.

-Tony Hobbs

Tony Hobbs

Basketball player development instructor with a passion to help improve your basketball training method and game intelligence.

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