Tony Hobbs

Basketball Is A Team Sport Parents

May 8, 2017

Basketball is a team sport I’m talking to you “Parent” stop telling your kid they have to have 30 point a game in order to get notice and get mad when another player on the team is getting more playing time or more shots than your child. It funny how a kid can join a team at the beginning of the season all the players getting alone, but halfway through the season the players don’t like each other. “Why” because their mom or dad has convince their child not to like certain players on the team. I’ve witness this with my own eyes kids rooting against their own teammates during games hoping they miss shots, turnovers etc all because their parents have create competition amongst them.

I’m a competitive person as well so I understand the motive but your actions and directions are wrong. What I teach my own kids and our Bridge trainees is to be competitive during practice not during the game.. So while we’re practicing we’re not friends.. I’m going at your neck my starting position is on the line, my playing time is on the line, my respect from my teammates and most of all practice is where I build the trust of my coaches. So I don’t have to be your friend doing practice but while we’re playing games I’m rooting for the team and you because all I want is the win however we have to get it.

Shaking my head at some of these parents that only understand points and not basketball and not willing to get out of the way and let their kids hard work speak for them. There’s not a coach in the country that will bench a player that’s a hard worker and can play. The key word in this message is “Hard Work” maybe you should talk more with your child about “Hard Work” instead of why Marcus or Jennifer is getting more shots or playing time than them.

-Tony Hobbs

Tony Hobbs

Basketball player development instructor with a passion to help improve your basketball training method and game intelligence.

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