Tony Hobbs

3 Signs You Are Wasting Your Time With Basketball

May 12, 2017 - essay writing service Write my lab report for me - custom papers Deep down, you know your basketball game is not where it needs to be.

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  1. “Good enough” has become the new standard. You don’t practice hard anymore. You don’t work on your game anymore. You are merely content with the play you have.

Read and Download Pearson Common Core Academic Movie Review Free Ebooks in PDF format - GEOMETRY UNIT 10 LESSON 3 CHORDS ANSWERS EXPEDITIONARY LEARNING Being content with your game is fine, but make sure you don’t confuse “being content” with “settling for less” because you are too scared/lazy/tired to go for what you want. Life is too short to play games. You don’t want to waste yours.

  1. You always have a reason not to work on your craft. Isn’t it funny how some players say they want to be the best in basketball, but never actually take ACTION to make it happen?

Help With Finance Homework Online - Let us help with your Master thesis. Qualified scholars engaged in the company will do your assignment within the deadline Entrust Maybe they’re saying they want to improve their shot, or getting a tighter handle on the ball, or better IQ. But as soon as they say they want something, they sabotage their own plans by giving an endless list of excuses why they haven’t work on their game.

  1. Soical Media is your best friend. According to a recent study published by Nielsen, our youth on average is spending over 30 hours a week with their phones in their hand. That’s over 4 hours a day. How can you improve when you put more time into a device with no return on investment and will not help you improve game.

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You deserve more so here’s your chance.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but you have a choice today to improve your basketball game. That choice will be something you either look back on fondly, or do so with deep regret in your heart instead.

So here’s your pledge to basketball…..

I ———-, for one, have chosen to love basketball on my own terms. No more playing around with my game. No more self-defeating excuses.

Today is the start of a new me.

-Tony Hobbs

Tony Hobbs

Basketball player development instructor with a passion to help improve your basketball training method and game intelligence.

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