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Tony Hobbs

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Tony Hobbs Online - Dear Basketball player under 17, If you are the top player in your class/age group or the last player off the bench so what it doesn't matter until 17u, not until you're graduating year. That's when schools start taking you more serious and will show interest. Don't get caught up with the hype people in your ear saying you're going...[ read more ]

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Tony Hobbs

All Buy Your Term Papers Login, Login All All Assignment Experts The pre-season is almost over and the regular season is about to start, our mentality has to shift over to regular season practicing totally different than pre-season. I have put together a short list of practice expectations to having a good season. Practice Expectation. 1. Never Late, Never Miss. Never be late or miss a practice unless you have talked...[ read more ]

Tony Hobbs

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Tony Hobbs

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